Free Delivery on orders over £50

Free Delivery on orders over £50
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Can I Change My Order Once It Has Been Placed?

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Changing the order will depend on your payment type.

Please call our office on 01630 350050 to change your order, you have until 12 noon to change the order before we send the item away with Fedex.

Paypal Payment

Paypal will not allow us to change any details from the original order. In this case will have to refund the order and you will need to replace the order on our website

Credit / Debit Card Payment

If you paid with credit or debit card this is simpler to change but we will need you to contact us before noon the day of dispatch. Please call us on 01630 350050 and one of our operatives will assist you.

Klarna Payment

If you decided to choose Klarna as a payment method we are unable to change any details as you have entered into an agreement with Klarna. Please call us before 12 noon the day of dispatch and we cancel the order down and have you re process the order on our website.

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