Free Delivery on orders over £50

Free Delivery on orders over £50
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Can I Place Orders Over The Phone?

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Sorry – RideOnToys do not take any phone orders. There’s a whole host of reasons we do not accept phone orders and they are all centered on you as the customer.

1. Taking card details over the phone is not secure.

2. It’s illegal for us to ask for your card details over the phone

3. Data Protection

4. Card Security

This is to protect you and us. Please do not ask us you will be told unfortunately not

Our Card processing system on our website is encrypted, secure and is the safest way for you to be buying from us.

This rule is for your protection as a customer and also protects your data as no card details are stored when they are processed online. As a customer, you will be diverted to stripes payment facility which is uber secure.

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