Free Delivery on orders over £50

Free Delivery on orders over £50
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The Quick answer to this Question is Within Three Days! Maybe Tomorrow

When Will My Order Be Dispatched?

We always aim to dispatch items within 24 to 48 hours of receipt we work Monday to Friday and dispatch orders using a range of couriers. Unfortunately one parcel doesn’t fit all couriers. Imagine taking a snooker table into the post office and asking them to send it to Scotland? They would laugh at you right? Well with over 3000 items in our warehouse from Kids Quad Bikes to Paddling Pools and everything in between each product fits into a different couriers remit. So I will try my best to enable you to figure out how it will be dispatched.

How will my order be dispatched?

Is the Item Massive and heavy? – If the answer to his question is YES then clearly it’s not coming with the postman. This type of item goes on a specialist Pallet Delivery Service with Palletforce. Mainly the larger Kids Electric Cars like electric buggies and big 4×4 Jeep Ride on cars, All Kids Quad Bikes, All Dirt Bikes, and all of the GO Karts. They all fall into pallet Delivery.

Is the Item of a medium size i.e. Under 1.5m Long and under 25kg – Now we’re into Courier Territory but we don’t just use one courier we use two couriers FedEx and UKMail because they are both particular about the size and weights of parcels they want to collect. Some parcels FedEx take UKMail class as too big, and some parcels UKMail take FedEx think are too heavy…. So we understand your frustration when you call and ask “can it go today” at 4.59pm we really do…. We want to get the parcels out to you as fast as we can, we have no reason to want to hold them back. We want them on a wagon or in a van and winging their way down the motorway to you. But FedEx arrive at our warehouse at 12 Noon and UKMail at 2.30pm, both approximate times.

Many people are blinded by Amazons ability to deliver and order to you within a fraction of a second of you ordering it however Amazon have more courier capacity within their own courier network than ALL of the major couriers put together. So Normal couriers work Monday to FRIDAY 8am till 6pm and some work a Saturday but charge a premium rate for this and only deliver premium rate parcels on a Saturday. FedEx Don’t do Saturdays but UKMail do for a Fee.

When Will I Get My Parcel ?

Massive Parcel – Pallet force orders can be dispatched up to 3pm on the day of order and will arrive with you 48-72 Hour Later – Pallet force will call you within 24 hours and ask you to book in a time for delivery for your massive heavy parcel that’s coming on a Lorry. When it arrives they will leave your parcel on the drive or kerbside they will not carry your 150kg Quad Bike into the house I’m afraid. They will also need a signature from an adult. They will NOT leave the mysterious black wrapped pallet in your driveway, behind your wheelie bins, by Grandad’s car or up the alleyway. Remember the courier doesn’t know what’s in this big mysterious black wrapped box and he’s not about to leave it in a random driveway in Diddlecott in the hope you get back soon from the school run. Please understand the courier’s job is to deliver the “parcel” safely to the recipient and he is responsible for this unknown big black heavy box until her gets a signature. Please don’t ask us to leave it with a neighbour we need you to arrange to be home these are generally high value items.

Medium Size Parcel – Couriers arrive between 12 Noon and 2pm and collect the days Parcels for a 48 Hour Delivery Service, however we do hear that 85% of these parcels are delivered Next Day. You can pay a premium if you wish to have the item sent on Next Day Service.

Small Parcels – Well they all go with the medium sized parcels and are no drama, both couriers want the little light weight stuff so see above Medium Parcels.

Can You Guarantee Delivery ?

We hear this ALL THE time and by reading this you may have already got the feeling I’m a realist! We must get asked 30 times a day for a guarantee it’s being delivered for Johnny’s birthday tomorrow morning! It’s a question I ask all my staff to answer NO! And it’s a straight forward honest answer. I often turn it around on the customer and say well if you posted me a letter with Royal Mail, would you bet your daughter’s birthday party, that it’s guaranteed to arrive tomorrow .No is the answer. Your parcel will leave our warehouse and pass through 4 Van/ Lorry drivers, 1 main sorting distribution centre and 2 local depots, being unloaded scanned and sent through Miles and miles of conveyor systems. It will be handled by more than 10 people before finally arriving at your doorstep probably the next day. I guarantee we will do our job and pass it onto the very next courier that walks into our warehouse that can accept your parcel it and will be gone. The couriers boast about 99.8% Next Day Delivery. But things happen! We’re all human! Parcels Go Missing, so we will never guarantee you a day of delivery because we want to be as honest with you as we can. We will say possibly you could get it tomorrow. But realistically nobody can guarantee you’re getting your parcel buy a certain time or day. We can only say it’s likely to get there 99.8% chance. But nothing is guaranteed. And if we use the big G word, then what happens when the courier doesn’t deliver it?

This is one local depots parcels to be sorted in an average night not a busy night and average night

All Parcels will need to be signed for by an adult over the age of 18

We use multiple couriers and they all have different ways of working however one thing is pretty standard is that if they miss you they will attempt three times on consecutive days. If they miss you three times then the couriers will not store your item any longer and will return the parcel back to us.

If your item is returned back to our warehouse then we will either refund or resend the order, however there will be a charge to cover the attempted deliveries, return delivery and admin costs. which will be debited from any refund.

Small parcel upto 10Kg – £12.95 for the return costs

Medium Parcels 10.01kg -30kg Will be debited £ 18.95 for the return costs.

Pallets ie Quad Bikes, Large Ride Ons, Dirt Bikes will be debited the cost of the pallet. £ 79.95 for the return Delivery.

I know it sounds harsh but it costs us twice that you’re only paying for the return aspect we have to pay that both ways and storage and admin fees to the pallet courier company.

All these parcels have to be in every town and city across the country by the time they have text / emailed you. Every single one of these parcels has been collected by 5pm and now they have from 5pm to sort it and get every parcel out for delivery all over the country. The Next day. Imagine at Christmas, This Hub will have 5x this volume each night to sort and distribute. This is a Major Carriers sorting depot…. Look how many staff there are vs parcels. Its amazing really how efficient the courier system is but its not Guaranteed.

Thanks for reading and i hope ive somehow answered your question is it guaranteed

My final thought is 1.2 million Guaranteed Deliveries were in this sorting depot

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