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Troubleshooting For Petrol Quads And Dirt Bikes

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My Bike | Quad wont start…

There are a few things you can try

  • Check the battery-

Is it turning over slowly? Then it needs charging. – use a 12v car battery charger.

Is it turning over fast but not sparking? Check the Spark Plugs (see Maintenance Do’s and Don’t’s)

  • Check the wiring- make sure everything is connected.
  • Start the bike and lift the wheels off the ground (you should only need to do this for its first start).

Check spark plugs- clean if required. Plugs (see Maintenance Do’s and Don’t’s)

The chain keeps coming off…

In this case the chain probably needs tightening. Please refer to the user manual.

I think fuel is leaking from the carburettor…

Try removing and cleaning the carburettor. The float maybe stuck.

My rear wheel won’t move…

In this instance the clutch may need to be replaced.

The pull cord isn’t working properly…

When you pull the cord is it making a grinding noise? If so, there may be a fault with the starting mechanism. Replace the pull start.

If there isn’t any noise, check inside the pull start to make sure everything looks ok. Are the signs of broken or damaged parts, if yes, you need to replace the pull start.

Oil is dripping from the exhaust and manifold…

This shouldn’t be happening, however, sometimes with use the engine heats up and everything expands and this stops. If it doesn’t, there are two screws on the underside of the manifold that could be slightly loose. Tighten gently with a spanner.

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