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Troubleshooting For Two Strokes

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My Two Stroke Won’t Start!

Two strokes engines can be hard to figure out. We would always recommend having some knowledge of two stroke engines when purchasing from us.

It has a fuel/ oil volume ratio of 25:1. If you do not get this exactly right, your Quad or Bike won’t work. Make sure you use the container provided and use the side marked 25:1!

Clean spark plugs

The spark plug and clean it with petrol.

Check The Petrol Mix

Have you left it standing for a long period of time with fuel in it?

Doing this could cause your carburettor to block. This is because in a two stroke the fuel and oil separate. The fuel will evaporate but the oil clogs the main jet.

Firstly try picking it up and shaking it. This will mix the oil and fuel again. If this doesn’t work, follow the step below.

Drain any fuel – remember to drain and clean the carburettor (Loosen the screw under the carburettor). And then replace with new fuel.

If you know you won’t be using the vehicle for a while, drain the fuel, the start the engine until it is completely out of fuel. This will also drain the carburettor.

Any Petrol Ride On will need the carburettor cleaning if it is not drained and is left over a week to stand.

Throttle Restrictor

We all want to protect our kids, but winding the throttle restrictor into the max position will mean it will not start. Wind it back out to non-restricted position and slowly restrict it until you get a happy balance between speed and ease of starting.

Check All The Start Inhibitors

Is the fuel turned on?

Is the Key turned to the ON position?

Is the safety stop switch in the ON position on the handle bars?

Is the safety pull cord pushed firmly into the handle bars?

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