Garden Trampoline Safety Tips

Garden Trampoline Safety Tips

It’s no secret that we love trampolines at Outside Play! Little kids (and big kids) can have plenty of fun bouncing away on their very own garden trampoline, but do you know how to keep their trampolining time safe? Like all garden toys, there’s always a risk of accident or injury as kids start testing their limits or playing without adult supervision. Trampolines, in particular, can be dangerous if the right guidance isn’t followed so it’s always best to teach your little ones how to safely enjoy their bouncing time. 

Whether you already have a trampoline or you’re currently looking for a new trampoline for your garden, we’ve asked our resident safety experts for their top tips for safe jumping!

What to look for when buying a trampoline

When buying a trampoline we always advise looking out for the following. 

  1. Does it have safety pads that fully cover the springs, hooks and frame safety netting? This helps minimise the chance of your child coming into contact with anything sharp as they play. 
  2. Is the foam high quality? The foam padding itself needs to be resilient to the elements, especially rain as open-cell foam will likely soak up water. Closed-cell foam is much better for durability. 
  3. How good is the PVC coating? The plastic covering on the trampoline needs to be UV light resistant as prolonged exposure to this could cause damage. 
  4. Is the netting high quality? The safety netting is key for safe trampolining. Make sure that the model you choose has netting that can withstand the elements AND children bounding against it. 

Did you know? A June 2020 survey of over 600 parents who owned a trampoline found that 50% of children had injured themselves while playing. The most common injuries were bruises, however some had suffered sprains and fractures. 

How to avoid injuries on a trampoline

  • Never let your children play unsupervised on a trampoline. You should always be aware of when your children are using the trampoline and keep a close eye in case any dangerous situations occur. 
  • Although we know this won’t be followed by all parents (which makes the point above even more important!) you really should only allow one child on the trampoline at a time. 60% of trampolining accidents occur when more than one person is jumping at the same time. 
  • Hopefully, this is common sense but you should never allow your child to ‘bounce off’ the trampoline. When they are ready to get off the trampoline they should sit and exit the trampoline properly instead of bouncing onto the ground. 
  • Never let them attempt flips or mid air somersaults, even if they proclaim to know how to do it!
  • Children under 6 shouldn’t use a trampoline unless it is one that has been specifically designed for their age. 

It’s not all doom and gloom! With the right guidance your children can enjoy all of the fun of trampolining in the comfort of their own garden. Take a look at the full range of trampolines available at Outside Play today, including above ground trampolines, in-ground trampolines and flat ground trampolines.


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