How to encourage creative outdoor play

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We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that it’s becoming harder and harder to get kids away from screens and enjoying the great outdoors. Time outside is now competing with computer games, YouTube videos, cartoons and social media, and whether you allow screen time or not – it’s difficult to get kids motivated for ‘proper’ outside playtime. 

As well as helping you find the best outdoor toys for your home, we’re also passionate about WHY children should be heading outside and getting stuck into some real creative play. Whether playing on a swing, slide, trampoline or simply running around the garden lost in a role play adventure, time outside is incredibly valuable for little ones.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of getting away from the screen and stepping into the world of creative outdoor play!

Studies have shown that outdoor physical activities can help

  • Improve concentration and attentiveness
  • Build healthier muscles and bones
  • Boost social skills and encourage group play
  • Keep kids fit & active
  • Encourage independence

As parents or guardians, it’s our job to create safe spaces where kids can really get creative. Whether it’s heading to the local park or playground with their ride on toys or creating your own play area in the back garden using fun garden play equipment. Here’s some of our favourite ideas for encouraging creative outdoor play. 

Build a playhouse or ‘den’

Is there anything cooler when you’re a kid than having your very own secret clubhouse? A playhouse doesn’t have to be an elaborate structure, it simply needs to be a blank canvas for your little ones to exercise their imagination.  Place toys and activity stations inside the den that will allow them to really get creative, we love seeing kids get messy with our Mud Kitchens and Sand Pits! The best thing about giving your children a blank canvas to play in each day is that no day will ever be the same. One day they might create a swashbuckling pirate ship, the next they’ll be playing soldiers or setting up their own toy hospital. It’s the perfect step into imaginary fun!

Get the whole family involved

If you’re trying to encourage your children to put down their screens and head outside, you need to lead by example. Nothing is better than quality time outdoors with your littles ones and by throwing yourself into their imaginary play, you can help prolong the time spent outdoors by leading their games and helping to stimulate their creativity. Of course, we know it’s not always easy to join in with playtime after a long day at work, so why not participate in other ways like creating an exciting treasure hunt in the garden? Or even staging your own version of the Olympic Games with an obstacle course using garden toys? Arm yourself with a stop watch and see how fast they can scale a climbing frame or zoom down a slide. The possibilities are endless!

At Outside Play, we’re here to help you unlock your kids’ imaginations and start to enjoy creative play. Take a look at our full range of garden toys to find the right match for your little ones!


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