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Berg Buzzy Nitro Kids Pedal Go Kart

   Berg Buzzy Nitro Kids Pedal Go Kart The BERG Buzzy Nitro has a spectacular off-road design and is

Berg Buzzy Bloom Kids Pedal Go Kart

Berg Buzzy Bloom Kids Pedal Go Kart The BERG Buzzy Bloom Go-Kart is a great way for your child to

Berg Buddy Lua Pedal Go-Kart

Berg Buddy Lua Pedal Go-Kart 3-8 Years Let your child explore and have fun and laughter on the BERG Buddy

Berg Buzzy Volt Kids Go Kart

BERG Buzzy Volt Kids Go Kart The BERG Buzzy Volt Kids Go Kart are designed for children that are just

Berg Street-X Pedal Go Kart

  • Adjustable seat
  • The pneumatic tyres make the BERG Street-X extra comfortable to ride
  • Steer by moving your body
  • Sturdy steel frame - Hand protectors
  • The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill

Berg Buzzy Bloom 2 In 1 Toddlers Bike

BERG Buzzy Bloom 2 In 1 Toddlers Bike Buzzy Bloom 2 in 1 features over the standard Buzzy Bloom The

Bmw Street Racer Go Kart

-Race with screeching tyres through the streets and stop safely thanks to the coaster brake and large sport wheels -Due to the swing axle this go kart has perfect road-holding -Keeping your pedals still during the ride is no problem thanks to the freewheel -After playing you can put away your go-kart easily by parking it upright in the shed

Berg Black Edition Xxl-Bfr Large Go Kart

  • Recommended for ages 5 and up.
  • Extra large frame make kart suitable for taller riders
  • Equipped with the unique BFR Hub, incorporating a back pedal brake, together with forward and reverse pedaling. For maximum safety forward and reverse are automatic with no need for a lever or switch.
  • Many years of driving pleasure, from age 5 until even adult years.
  • Adjustable seat can be set in 8 different positions.
  • The wheels run fast and smooth due to the roll-bearing wheels. You can drive for hours without getting tired.
  • The double ball-bearing steering mechanism ensures accurate steering and easy maneuverability.
  • Perfect road holding and stability thanks to the swing axle.
  • Extra grip and comfort due to air filled tires.
  • The chain guard is designed to give easy access to the chains and hub within, to more easily perform maintenance.
  • Parking brake for additional safety.
  • CE certified.
  • Can be stored upright, which is ideal if storage space is limited.

Berg Mirror Set – Go Kart Accessory

Mount this BERG Mirror Set on your front spoiler. It makes it really easy to reverse, park or just to see what is happening behind you! Suitable for all large BERG go-karts!

Berg Xl Black Edition Bfr Pedal Go Kart

  • Go-Kart Boasts A Brake-Forward-Reverse System For Pedaling Backwards
  • W/ Parking Brake and Freewheel Design For Safety
  • Includes Swing Axle For Unsteady Terrain
  • Recommended For Children Ages 5 Years and Above

Berg Buzzy Sahara Pedal Kids Pedal Go Kart

Berg Jeep Buzzy Sahara Pedal Kids Pedal Go Kart With its Jeep grill, solid hood, unique steering wheel and off-road

Berg Buddy Blue Special Edition

Berg Kids Go Kart BLUE Special Edition The BERG Buddy Blue is a special edition buddy go kart with limited