How to Keep Kids Safe on a Quad Bike

How To Keep Kids Safe On A Quad Bike

Worrying about your kids’ safety when they’re riding a quad bike is normal. Even though modern kids quad bikes are designed to be incredibly safe and robust, accidents can happen. With the right equipment and preparation, you can help minimise the damage and reduce the amount of time spent worrying when your kids hit the trails. 

We asked our experts for their top tips on quad bike safety and what your kids should be wearing when they ride. 

What to wear when quad biking

Quad Bike Helmet

Head injuries are very serious and a child’s head is much more fragile than an adults. Helmets are a must when it comes to quad biking and your little ones should be taught to always wear theirs, and the safety reasons behind it.  When choosing a quad bike helmet you should always consider safety first, then start to look at comfort. The right helmet won’t obstruct vision and will remain comfortable to wear, even after a long ride. 

Quad Bike Clothing

Dressing appropriately for quad biking is pretty much just common sense. Clothes should not be loose or flowy, they should be comfortable and they should be able to withstand a LOT of mud! Long sleeved t-shirts and trousers are ideal for biking as they will help to minimise cuts and grazes if there is an accident. Gloves are another great addition to a biking outfit, not only do they offer better grip and protection when riding, they will keep little fingers warm during the winter months. 

Quad Bike Footwear

Always make sure that the footwear your child wears is suitable for quad biking. Shoes should be sturdy and designed to cover the whole foot. No flip flops, sandals, open toes or any shoe that is lightweight enough to come off when riding.

Safe driving tips for kids quad bikes

All of our kids’ quad bikes are designed to be easy to use, however, there are still some key safe driving tips that you should teach your little one before they hit the trails. 

  • Always lean your body into a turn, even at a high speed it’s important to keep their weight inside of the turn. 
  • When approaching an incline, switch to a low gear and lean in to shift the weight forward. When driving downhill, the weight should then be shifted to the back.
  • Never carry passengers or any other equipment on the quad bike unless it has been specifically designed for it. 
  • Never let a child ride an adult size quad bike. All of our kids quad bikes are designed to suit the power and weight of a child, they won’t be able to handle an adult size bike. 

For more help and advice on anything to do with kids quad bikes, why not get in touch with a member of our friendly team or take a look at our incredible collection of kids quad bikes to find the right one for you. 


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