How to mix fuel for a 2-stroke quad bike

How To Mix Fuel For A 2-stroke Quad Bike

Mixing 2-stroke fuel for a quad bike can leave many people scratching their heads. When you buy a kids quad bike for your little one, chances are you thought it would be as simple as making sure they had their helmet on and hitting the trails. Fuel is a key component for any quad bike with a 2-stroke engine and once you learn the basics, it’s an incredibly simple process. 

Here’s our step by step guide to getting your quad bike up and running.

What do I need to mix fuel for a 2-stroke quad bike?

  • 2-stroke oil
  • Fresh unleaded petrol
  • An empty, clean fuel can
  • A fuel measuring bottle

How to mix 2-stroke fuel

  1. Check the user manual of your quad bike to see what the required ratio of fuel and oil is for your machine. For quad bikes, the typical ratio is 40:1 which is the ratio we will use today. When we say 40:1 we simply mean that you need 40 parts of unleaded fuel mixed with one part oil. 
  1. Mix the fuel AWAY from the machine. You should never try to mix the fuel directly in the fuel tank of the quad bike! A fuel measuring bottle will help you get the right amount of fuel. Follow the marks on the bottle that correspond to your ratio, pouring petrol to the first marker and oil to the second. 
  1. Once the mixture is ready, it is safe to pour it into the fuel tank of your quad bike. Now you’re ready to go!

Why do I need to mix fuel for a 2-stroke engine?

Your engine needs to be lubricated and following the specified mixture for your 2-stroke engine quad bike means that you’re giving your machine everything it needs to keep going. 

If too much oil is added to the fuel mixture you run the risk of covering everything in oil. This can stop it from sparking, causing a mass amount of smoke and potentially drowning the engine. 

Using too little oil can be equally disastrous and can even destroy the engine. The oil in your fuel mixture helps cool the piston and cylinder by providing lubrication. Without lubrication the metals inside can start to melt and potentially grate against each other. Such distortion can even lead to an explosion, so it really does pay to take care when mixing your 2-stroke engine fuel mixture!

So there you have it, your guide to ensuring your 2-stroke quad bike is running to its full potential. If you have any questions about fuel mixing or any of the quad bikes available at Outside Play, get in touch with our friendly team today. 


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