The benefits of ride on toys for kids

What Are The Benefits Of An Kids Electric Car For Your Child?

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, family member or friend – when you buy a toy for a little one you want to make sure it’s going to become more than just ‘household clutter’. You know the type of toys we’re talking about, the ones that start gathering dust as soon as the next shiny thing comes along… 

Ride-on toys are a great option for young children, promoting mental and physical exercise as well as being a whole load of fun to play with. If you’re considering investing in a ride on toy for your little ones, why not take a look at the key benefits these toys will bring to their lives. 

  1. Helps develop mobility & motor skills

As your child grows, their motor skills become a crucial part of their development. As our ride on toys are designed to suit a wide range of age brackets from 1-2 all the way to 14+, it’s easy to find the right toy that will help push their abilities and help them develop those all-important mobility skills. From turning handlebars to working out the amount of leg power needed to get where they want to be, it all works together to build key body coordination. 

  1. Encourages exercise

You know yourself how much effort goes into riding a road bike or using an exercise bike in the gym, it’s fantastic exercise. Your child might not even realise how much exercise they’re doing as they’re pedalling around the playground or park, plus it’s more fun than simply running around. With ride on toys your child needs to use their legs to make their toy move as well as use their arms to manoeuvre the handlebars in the right direction. We predict they’ll be tired out in no time!

  1. Every ride is a lesson

When you buy a ride on toy for your child, you need to take the time to teach them how to use it – and this doesn’t stop after the first go! Whatever they’re age, you need to instill the correct safety procedures and the dangers that could come with using their ride on toy the wrong way. From the basic commands they need to ride the toy, to knowing what to do when they fall off or ride into someone else, there are plenty of lessons to be learned along the way. 

  1. Encourages shared playtime

One of the most important lessons that any child learns is the importance of sharing. Whether they’re an only child or they have siblings, being able to share and cooperate with others is a key life skill. A ride on toy is big enough that it can be shared with others and as a parent or guardian you can instill the need to take turns and not to be selfish. 

If you’re looking to buy a ride on toy for your children, you’re in the right place. At Outside Play, we offer a wide range of ride on toys and fun garden equipment for all ages. From quads to trikes and balance bikes, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at the full range today. 


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