The Best Kids Ride-On Toys 2021

Kids Police Range Rover Style Suv 4×4 Off Road 12v Electric Jeep – Black

Unless you’ve been living under a parenting rock for the last few years, ride-on toys have become the #1 wishlist item for any little adventurer! From bikes to trikes and even mini-supercars, these electric ride-on toys are ideal for zooming around the garden (under careful supervision, of course). If your little ones are begging you for a ride-on toy this year, you might find yourself daunted by the sheer amount of choice out there. Luckily, we’ve asked our very own (grown-up!) ride-on toy experts for their help in picking their top 5 toys for 2021. 

  1. Kids Police Electric Car Range Rover Style

Fun role play AND a top of the range ride-on vehicle? It’s a winner in our eyes. This exciting range rover style police car will keep your little ones entertained for hours thanks to the working flashing lights and two-seater design. Ideal for younger children, it has full parental controls that can be used to operate the vehicle as well as realistic opening doors for when they need to chase down the bad guys. This is a great choice for parents wanting a safe, robust ride-on toy that allows them to stay fully in control. 

  1. 6V Kids Electric Ride On Scrambler Bike

If your little one is all about action and adventure, they’re going to love this electric scrambler bike. Designed for kids who love nothing more than being outdoors and building their confidence, this bright green bike is made from tough plastic and provides up to 45 minutes continuous play. Perfect for kids aged 5-8, this popular bike comes with bright front spot headlights as well as music and horn sound effects. 

  1. 24V Kids Land Rover Defender

It’s not just the other children in the playground who will have their heads turned by this incredible ride-on car. The fully licensed 24V Kids Land Rover Defender is a real show stopper and one of the most popular ride-on toys in 2021. Perfect for little ones who want to be just like the grown-ups, this exciting model boars two 12V batteries for extended run time, 2 speeds, faux leather seats and a light up dashboard. Parents can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the top of the line parental controls, letting you switch between manual or remote in seconds. They can even play their favourite tunes thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, perfect for cruising round the playground. 

  1. Mercedes G650 12V Kids Electric Car

This sleek vehicle needs no introduction. Maybe not the best for kids that love nothing more than finding muddy puddles but perfect for those that want to look the absolute ‘business’ as they cruise along the street (with grown-ups following closely behind!) Packed with all of the spec that you would expect for a ride-on toy of this nature, your little ones can enjoy cruising with a leather seat, upgraded noise reduction EVA wheels, horn, LED lights and most importantly – full parental controls. 

  1. 12V Kids Lamborghini Aventador Green Svj 12V Ride On Sports Car

We’ve come a long way since the ride-on toys that simply needed feet to pedal them! This incredible model is one of the most popular ride-on toys in 2021 and we predict it will still be top of the Christmas list for years to come. Sleek and sport, this convertible is one of the latest models from the famous Italian supercar brand. With realistic alloy wheels and the iconic Lamborghini badges, this ride-on car is ideal for mini F1 fans that love all things fast and furious.

Don’t worry, the parental controls are as expertly designed as the rest of the incredible spec!

If you need any help choosing the perfect ride-on toy for your little ones this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Outside Play team. 


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