Top 5 Kids Licensed Electric cars at

Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At

What’s Difference Between a Licensed and Un-licensed Ride On Car?

At Outside play we sell thousands of kids licensed electric cars every month and due to the huge number of options available it can sometimes be confusing.

All Outsideplay kids licensed electric cars are manufactured under the supervision and consent of the brand holder.

We stock all the biggest replica cars such as; Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Audi, Ford, Bentley and Lamborghini. The list just goes on.

The brand owner gives the manufacturer the licence to use their badges, stickers and exact styling.

The amount of hard work and expertise that goes into making these replicas is truly staggering.

The brand owner over sees the overall quality and look of the cars and ensures it lives up to their standards.

If you are unsure whether a car is licensed or unlicensed, the website will either display it in the title or description of the product page.

An unlicensed ride on car is exactly the opposite of a licensed one. 

The manufacturer does not have a licence to use the branding, badges or stickers of the brand owner.

However, what they often do is produce near replicas of the real thing, but without the branding and quite often are referred to as ‘Style’.

Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At
Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At

Is There A Price Difference?

There is not that much difference in price. However here at Outside play our kids electric cars are priced as competitively as possible.

What About the Difference in Quality?

The quality of both licensed and non-licensed cars is similar. However, the licensed versions may have more detail such as logo stitching in the seat and slightly more features. 

Just the logo badge can make all the difference to the look.

If you are looking for a real head turner, then you really need to check out our large range of licensed kid’s electric cars.

On our website you can choose to shop & browse by car brand.

Most parents like to purchase a ride on car for their child, that either matches their own family car, or something that bit more special like a super car to live their own childhood dream.

So, one of the first things we always hear from our customers, is where do they start choosing the right one.

Well as already explained in our previous blogs, there’s so much to consider when looking for the perfect ride on, such as age, size, number of seats, battery power, parental remote etc.

Once you have established that, then you know what to look for. Our additional information tab on each product page can assist.

Once your child gets behind the wheel of a licensed kid’s electric car. The fact that the styling and body shape is the exact same replica of the real thing means your child really can imagine themselves cruising along the pathway as if it were in the real thing.

It is really hard to distinguish between the toy and the real thing. As well as the official badge our licensed cars can include features such as: leather seat, opening doors, parental remote, suspension, music and USB and MP3 connectivity.

Kids Licensed Mercedes-Benz Actros

Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At
Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At

24V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Actros Lorry

Turning the childhood dream driving a Mercedes-Benz Actros truck into reality.

Does your child have the love for “Big Trucks?”

With the lack of truck drivers, a plenty of supplies that need transporting, your little one can save the day, in their very own 24V Mercedes-Benz Actros. Licenced Ride on Truck.

Once they climb behind the wheel of this amazing kid’s electric lorry they can drive into the world of imaginary play.

With the features this Licenced Truck has you’ll be amazed.

All round wheel suspension for cruising around, x2 12V batteries wired in parallel to give plenty of charge for those long journeys, noise reduction EVA wheels, sit in comfort on the padded faux leather seat while listening to the engine sounds or integrated multimedia console.

Kids Licensed Lamborghini Urus

Kids Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12v Ride On Electric Car White (copy)
Kids Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12v Ride On Electric Car White (copy)

What a head-turner this is for your someone special. Recently launched the kids electric Urus SUV comes in a range of colours, opening doors and a sound system to play all your favourites through.

If you’re looking for luxury then the leather seats and Eva tyres and twin motors will impress taking this kids 12v electric car to a whole new level.

  • Horn, music, bright headlights & taillights, cool design, and 2 openable car doors
  • Extra-wide tyres, seat belt, and damping rear wheel design for safe and smooth driving
  • 2 mode drive, manual and remote control
  • Start smooth driving at low speed, which allows your child to timely respond to unexpected situations
  • 2.4G one-to-one remote
  • One button press to start
  • The rear-wheel suspension provides better stability
  • Working steering wheel, forward/reverse controls, high-low speeds function
  • Pre-installed music and multi-media centre plus USB input, TF card slot, mp3 cord plug-ins, radio function.

Kids Licensed Land Rover Defender 90

Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At
Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At

Now here’s a show stopper!

This Kids Land Rover Defender 90 24V is personally my favourite of all the kid’s electric cars.

The Land Rover Defender is an iconic model that is immediately recognisable and now here at Ride on Toys we are excited to introduce to you again this year to the Licensed Large Two-Seater Defender Sit in Kids Jeep in various colours.

This Kids Land Rover Defender 90 24V has a stunning build quality which shows from the detailed badges and alloys as wells the superb interior, stitched faux leather seats and light up dashboard.

This licensed kids Land Rover Jeep is jam packed with features, which makes this one of the most wanted toys of the year, you need to be quick as last year we sold out within a week and when you see it you know why.

It has two 12V batteries wired in parallel to hold plenty of charge for endless fun, 2 speeds, rides between 3-6 mph depending on rider weight, with noise reduction EVA rubber wheels and 4WD suspension are brought together to provide a quiet, comfortable ride making this one of the smoothest drives out there.

In addition, it has opening doors, full working LED lights, Parental 2.4gz Remote control and an mp3 speaker system.

Now Comes upgraded with Bluetooth connectivity, FM Radio and Aux Input so your little one can listen to the top hits as they are cruising.

Kids Licensed Bentley Continental

12v Licensed Kids Bentley Continental Red And Black
12v Licensed Kids Bentley Continental Red And Black

This Licensed kids Bentley Continental is up there at the very top as one of the world’s most elite.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it, as this 12v kids Bentley is one of our most popular cars.

This brand-new model is jam packed with up-to-date features making it one of the most stylish kids’ electric car on the market.

With its stylish and sleek bodywork and a stunning two tone Red and Black paint job, this kids’ car stands out from any other. It’s a mini version of the real thing.

This Kids Bentley Continental has so many new features including noise reduction EVA tyres, leather style seats and an easy one button push start.

The luxury interior continues with everything you would expect.

With x2 6V batteries, giving plenty of charge and 2 motors, as well as parental 2.4g Bluetooth remote control.

Your Little Prince or princess will be amazed with this Officially Licensed Kids 12v Bentley Kids Ride On Car.

Kids Licensed Lamborghini Veneno 

Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At
Top 5 Licensed Ride On Cars At

This Kids Lamborghini Veneno has amazing detail and quality, from its faux leather seats to EVA noise reduction tyres and Hydraulic wing opening doors this has to be the most stylish kids 2-seater ride on out there.

This is the ultimate head turner. Its sheer size is a wow factor in itself.

This Lamborghini Ride On car can be fully operated by the child using the steering wheel/foot pedal or driven by a parent via the parental remote control.

It comes complete with four motors and two 12V batteries, so has the capability to hold plenty of charge.

This 2-Seater Lamborghini Veneno, is a scale replica with authentic badges, LED lights, Radio, Start-up sound, and all other functionalities your child could ever dream of.


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